OFS is a world-leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of optical fiber, optical fiber cable, connectivity, FTTx, optical components, and specialty photonics products and solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries. Our manufacturing and research divisions work together to provide the fiber optic solutions you need in virtually any industry, any environment . . .


Exceptional products and solutions from OFS are the foundation of optical networks that traverse many different applications as they link people and machines worldwide. Between continents, between cities, around neighborhoods, and into the homes and businesses of digital consumers, optical signals need the right optical fiber, optical cable, and connectivity components for efficient and cost-effective transmission. From outer space to deep in the oil wells here on earth to the surgical suites in your local hospitals, optical fibers require special coatings and cabling configurations to enable them to withstand harsh environments.


For excellence in all parts of your optical fiber application, use OFS products: optimum transmission, lower losses, reliability in the harshest environments, and superior efficiency.

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Our scientists and engineers create the products and solutions that become industry standards. We publish their results and most important publications on our website.Knowledge Base Ebook


They discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from our suggested solutions to technical problems to breakthroughs in numerous products.


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